Thearpy Vests Required

Did you know?

Prescription Team therapy dog is required to always be wearing its therapy vest
while out on a Pet Prescription Team therapy visit. If the dog is in a facility
and is not wearing its vest it will not be covered under the Pet Prescription
Team volunteer insurance binder.

About petprescriptionteam

Krystal Emery- Founder and Director of the Pet Prescription Team, former Marriage and Family Therapist – Krystal has captured local community’s attention with her compelling work with the Pet Prescription Team, therapy dog organization. “The human-animal bond is one of the strongest, most life-affirming relationships we can have,” Say’s Krystal Emery. Krystal and her husband Philip of 33 years, work side by side, helping pet owners train their family pet to become Certified Therapy dogs. Krystal knew pets, and dogs in particular, could bring solace and tranquility to people under stress and those confined to medical or care facilities needed that treatment as much or more than people in their homes. Before becoming an Dog Trainer and Founder of the Pet Prescription Team in early 2003, Krystal and Philip experienced firsthand the suffering and isolation elderly and mentally ill patients experience through being confined to a facility through the diagnosis of Philips father with Alzheimer’s. During the care of Philips father they both were able to see how beneficial their family dogs were in the comforting of not only Philips father but to other residents in the facility where he lived. In some cases it was the only visitor many of the residents ever received. Krystal and Philip bought their home in La Habra Heights,Ca so Krystal could have room to train dogs. Krystal enjoys living with and working with dogs, and especially loves learning to manage her two Australian Shepherds, Gittalong & Trigger. When moving to her home in La Habra Heights “No dog trainer could ask for more material than a dog training facility provides every single day, and it is a perfect environment to train and work with my dogs. I love the working breeds, and running Agility with the Australian Shepherds is among the most challenging and satisfying experiences of my life.” Through the opening of a dog training facility thus the Pet Prescription Team was born. The Pet Prescription Team was created in 2003 by Krystal Emery, with her companion Australian Shepherd named, Gittalong as its inspiration. The Pet Prescription Team mission was then, and is now, to demonstrate that companion pets make us healthier, thus the mission of “Healing Hearts Through Pets” to promote the human-animal bond. Pet Prescriptions Team major activities is to provide support for pet therapy teams, which are groups of volunteers who visit hospitals, nursing homes, hospice facilities and schools with their certified therapy pets. The Pet Prescription Team has continued to develop and pioneer new programs dealing with brain injured children from Cleta Harder Development School, Read to the Children’s Programs in Local Libraries and rehab programs for patients recovering from injuries using Therapy dogs to help aid and assist in all fascists of pet assisted therapy work.
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