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Hospital Visit Protocol

Each Hospital Visit

  1. Participating Pet Prescription Team certified dogs must

    • Volunteer and Dog must be authorized to visit at
      the assigned hospital
    • Dog must have a health screening annually, with stool culture and
      examination for enteric pathogens every year
    • Current on all vaccinations.
  2. To avoid bringing a dog to the hospital with diarrhea or other illness,
    assess the dog’s overall health and attitude 24 hours prior to a scheduled
    certified dog visit.
  3. Dogs must be bathed and groomed within 24 hours of a certified dog visit.
    This includes trimming nails and making sure the dog is free of fleas, ticks,
    skin lesions, and any signs of illness.
  4. In the designated “pet walk” area, the handler needs to walk the dog and
    encourage voiding prior to entering the hospital.
  5. Handlers are to dress appropriately for a dog visitation assignment.
    Specifically, wear the volunteer PPT shirt and hospital picture ID card as well
    as PPT ID.
  6. Appropriate dress for the dog is PPT Therapy vest prior to entering the
    hospital. Pinch collars are prohibited during visits.
  7. If sharing an elevator is
    necessary, ask the passengers for consent before entering and warn people
    seeking entrance to the elevator that a dog is on

for the Hospital Visit

  1. Be on time for every visit.
  2. The dog must remain on a leash under the handler’s direct supervision at
    all times. Do not tie the dog to equipment or furniture or hand the leash to
    other people.
  3. Before initiating the Certified Dog Visit, check with the nursing staff
    to receive list of rooms to visit.
  4. Do not enter a room that is not on the list or has a quarantined/ Do Not
    Enter sign.
  5. Wash hands immediately before the visit.
  6. Before entering any room, ask permission of all those present in the
    room. Ask if anyone has animal allergies. If so, do not enter the
  7. Before letting patient pet the dog hand the patient a sanitizer sheet to
    wipe their hands.
  8. The dog handler must be responsible for the dog at all times. It is
    important to consider the dog’s needs and humane care first. The handler must
    always stay with the dog and be in control of the
  9. The handler must ask the patient’s permission before allowing the dog on
    the patient’s lap or bed. No large dogs are allowed on any bed during any
    hospital visits.
  10. If small dog is allowed on bed spread out a sheet for the animal to be
    placed on. Place the sheet in laundry hamper when done.
  11. After visit is completed hand a sanitizer sheet to the patient to wipe
    their hands after pet therapy visit.
  12. The handler may provide treats for the dog. Do not allow any other food
    to be given to the dog.
  13. If the dog has an “accident” while in the hospital, clean it up

    1. Use paper towels to soak up dog urine, and pick up the soaked paper
      towels or excrement using a plastic bag. Invert the bag, tie securely, and place
      in the trash.
    2. Dog feces may be placed in a hopper or toilet.
    3. Wash your hands immediately.
    4. Notify the nurse to call housekeeping if further clean up is
  14. Before leaving the patient’s room, wash hands at the end of visit
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Thearpy Vests Required

Did you know?

Prescription Team therapy dog is required to always be wearing its therapy vest
while out on a Pet Prescription Team therapy visit. If the dog is in a facility
and is not wearing its vest it will not be covered under the Pet Prescription
Team volunteer insurance binder.

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